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Workplace support services

PC workplaces and mobile devices everyday support

Key services

Servicedesk & 1st line support services

Servicedesk with „1st line“ services, 24x7 or 9x5 options. Automated servicedesk (SD) tools, self-service portal, integrated IP telephony.

PC support services

PC workplace support services using modern tools, both for Microsoft and Apple OS X devices. Automated Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tools, centralized antivirus protection, user data encryption and security.

Mobile devices support

Mobile devices tablets and mobiles support services using modern tools, both for Android and iOS devices. Automated Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools, remote control, data security and protection.

Automated IT assets accounting

Client IT assets tracking and register (CMDB) - know details on your IT assets, locations, users for: PCs, servers, mobile devices, IS, DB, Apps, software licenses. Integrated with SD and RMM, enabling Problem management process.

Automated user self-service portal

Self-service portal for customer users on automated cloud platform, including features for 3rd parties management. Order new PC, create new user, assign user access rights, install software - automatically without need to ask IT.

Services Delivery Manager (SDM) service

Client dedicated SDM for communication on all IT services related questions, advice, timely reaction to client needs and any changes planned.

Modern tools

Business needs are always changing, to address it we use Change enabled technologies architecture with flexible Cloud solutions and tools


Modern integrated tools include workflow automation features for IT support and business processes

Self-service portal

Self-service portal and customer support platform enable managing all IT and business services in one single place

Artifilial Intelligence (AI)

Data accumulated by modern tools enable practical usage of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning) for IT support services (AIops).

Knowledge base and Problem management

Timely and informed decisions using constantly growing Knowledge base with enabled Problem management process solutions

Change and 3rd Parties management

Full Change management process, including Release and 3rd Parties management

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